Stranger than most….

Sorry to be such a stranger lately….

I haven’t been posting in recent weeks because there has been a major upheaval in my life– the good kind.

I have taken a position at Media Matters for America, a fine media watchdog group/media policy think tank that does outstanding work combating right-wing disinformation and the lazy media who repeat it. It’s similar to what Jon Stewart does (though he goes after right and left– MMFA is prog/left exclusively), but with fewer laughs. It’s a great gig and I’m glad to have it.

However, I still owe a duty to my students at Iowa State, and I’m working to finish the semester, get my grading done, pack up and head out to DC all at the same time. The blog is the least of my worries right now.

But Crimmins, Dupuy and Schinderman are my go-to people for funny news stuff. Check them out in the interim.

Dupuy appeared a while back on “L.A. Round Table,” a community affairs show hosted by a friend and former colleague of mine, Dave Bryan, crackerjack political reporter and all-around good egg. The topic? Politics and Comedy. Show #36; check it out.

And Happy May Day, fellow workers!

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